A superior multi-agent program.


Do with them? Why the fuck was he asking her? Her voice was still sharp as she spoke, “Just have them fucking stand there all day, I don’t know. You’re the one who—” She stopped in her tracks upon seeing them standing there, frozen. Even knowing they were safely under XANA’s control, it was still unnerving to see them. All black padded armor and guns strapped to their chest. 

She felt her breaths shorten as she stared at the men more intently. Three faces stood out to her. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the side of the bridge. Three of the men that were in this crowd— they had been there on that day.

Mme. Hopper, we need to speak with you.
It’s Schaeffer. Mme. Schaeffer.
Right, terribly sorry. Mme Schaeffer, we need to speak with you— in private, if you don’t mind. The man with the curly blond hair, the hooked nose and smile on his face. He had introduced himself as M. Abel, right? The one who had seemed professional but kind, the one who had made her let her guard down in the first place.

"Kill them." The words came out as a hiss, a command more than a suggestion. Her earlier rage towards XANA was long forgotten now. Blood was pumping in her ears. Her hands were twitching, aching for a trigger to pull, a fist to swing.

You don’t need to start a fight, we don’t want to hurt your daughter, just come with us. You know too much, and that’s a problem. M. Samuel, he had called himself. All dark eyes and a bored expression. This was just work to him, nothing more. Anthea was nothing more than some bother, some mess to take care of. 

Anthea took a step forward, carefully grabbing one of the guns that was on the ground near one of the guard’s feet. She tested it’s weight, lifting it up to aim at the man in front of her. The third man, the violent one.

Where are you taking me? Where is my daughter? Aelita! Aelita, run! Anthea had started screaming, trying to find traction in the fresh layer of snow. Trying to fight them off.

That man, the third one, the tall one. He hadn’t said a single word. But he had been the one that picked her fully off the ground and shoved her into the grey car. Then when she had tried to fight back, tried to fight to get out of the car, he had been the one that had grabbed her by the hair and bashed her head against the car’s frame until everything faded away. 

She felt her lips pull into a smirk. Was there a hint of laughter in her voice? ”You can either kill them or make them hold still while I blow their brains out.”

She shook her head. No, no these monsters deserved more than that. Take them out slowly, right? Slowly and painfully. Arms, legs, gut. Let them bleed out, make them drown in their own blood. A headshot was too quick. They didn’t deserve that.

How much time would she have until another round of troops showed up? Would they show up? Did it even matter to her right now, as bloodthirsty as she was?

She turned to XANA again, lowering the gun.  ”When you’re possessing them, how much can they actually feel? How much can they tell what’s going on around them?”

XANA was nearly startled by the violent development but shrugged. “Possessed subjects usually can’t feel anything until after it wears off. Their consciousness is essentially overridden. Additionally, they’re more or less invulnerable. To the point, I would have to drop the possession for them to be hurt. It could be interesting, though.”

XANA gave a wicked grin and then gestured upwards. “For instance…” The possessed men jumped nearly seventy feet in the air, startling Anthea. XANA observed as they reached their peak, and dropped the possession as they began to fall. “Might want to back up, Anthea.” And so she did, and the guards fell to the ground.

He observed, and it wasn’t as bad as he thought it’d be - humans are more resistant than he thought. They were merely crippled, possibly internally damaged. None of them could get up. He took the liberty to remove their guns and radios from their holsters.

"All yours, Anthea. I’m not telepathic nor terribly creative, so you can do whatever with them. And then, perhaps, we could just go ahead to EMPIRE and finish what we started."


Anthea shook her head, swatting his hand away. “Oh so you didn’t kill her you just tried to. Don’t make me laugh. You’re talking to the wrong fucking person if you think any of what you said will gain my sympathy. ‘An unfortunate consequence’. Like I’m supposed to give a damn about you. You tried to kill my daughter.” She snorted. “Excuse me for finding more value in her life than in yours.”

"You act all high and mighty like they were completely wrong to want to try to kill you and then you turn around and kill her. If that’s what you meant by ‘protecting yourself’ I don’t see how they were possibly in the wrong. She was twelve.

Maybe an hour ago, she would have been more understanding. But she was exhausted, she was stressed. He tried to kill Aelita. Any sympathy she once had for him was gone. XANA she had no stake in. Aelita— Aelita was everything. If it was someone else— hell, even Waldo she could at least understand his logic. He was a true threat to XANA. But Aelita? How could she have possibly posed a threat? Why did she have to face death?

It was just a mother’s bias, and she knew it was. But that didn’t mean she was wrong

"Why the fuck do you need my help? Go protect the damn computer yourself. I’m done dealing with any of this. I don’t care about you, I don’t care about EMPIRE. I don’t care. I just want to see Aelita again."

But if they find you then you can’t ever see her again. Don’t be stubborn. If he fails they’ll come after you. At least do this to protect yourself.

Her jaw twitched as she grit her teeth. She was silent for a while, willing herself to cooperate. Trying to not be stubborn enough to get herself or Aelita killed.

"But I can’t see her again if they find me." She rubbed her temples, she couldn’t believe she was doing this. She looked up at XANA, reaching her own hand out.

When he pulled her upright, she leaned forward, staring him down. “You’re still a monster. Don’t you even think for a second that I’m doing this to help you. I’m not your ally, I’m not your comrade. You’re still alone. I’m just doing this to see my daughter again. To make sure that she actually is alive.”

He had flickered at life value comment, but he was glad to see logic had prevailed through her. “Let’s go. This boiler room connects to the factory via this tunnel, and then the sewers. I won’t possess you this time.” He opened the door, and entered the sewers. He recalled coming through here at least a few times, usually with Aelita with him, one way or another.

The tunnel was not very interesting. While he found the feat of it at least somewhat admirable, the tunnel itself was of no aesthetic appeal. He wasn’t totally sure what purpose it even served - it didn’t seem used at all.

He jumped into the Factory’s security systems, scanning the Factory. There was a crew heading from the Bridge in. What would they do? Would they check for Anthea and leave? What if they notice the supercomputer? What if they destroy it? What if they take it? They must not. There’s no other way into the supercomputer besides the bridge though. What if they just don’t know about it or care?

No, they’ll notice the lift, notice it’s been used. They’ll know it’s on. They’ll know that it’s a threat. Or, they’ll take it. But the means don’t matter, it’s the ends. They have to stop EMPIRE here. They could either distract them or eliminate them, though elimination might draw attention.

Monster materialization? No, gives away too much. Nothing from inside the factory. Has to be from outside. What to- Ah, of course. Possession. XANA activated several towers, spawning as many ghosts from their vehicle. Each one jumped into a different person, some realizing what was happening just as it was too late. They each struggled but fell, just as every person did.

XANA briefly smiled and came back to his regular view. They arrived at the factory, and he began climbing up the ladder, lifting the manhole cover out of the way with ease. “Here we are, Anthea. I went ahead and took control of the group here for myself. The main question is what to do with them.”


You call them humans, too. It is rather annoying, especially since I don’t physically exist.

So Xana, I have a new world of my final, and last dream of all my dreams. I will replace planet Earth and call it planet Magma. What I would do is Corrupt ALL LIFE. Evaporate the oceans. Destroy all buildings, houses, warehouses, ect. Have eternal darkness in the sky. Turn all the streets, and freeways to burning coal. Set flames every where. And have everyone who has provoked me laying on the ground all around me. Well do you think that is evil, well thats my dark side of myself.

This is entirely useless. For one, I ‘live’ on Earth. Secondly, why would I destroy such a perfectly able planet? It’s only the primary species that’s the issue.

So xana that ash region I thought of wasnt a good idea huh awell I just thought that the lyoko warriors would be killed instantly when they get there. Ok how about this region hmmm how about...(Thinks of a new one, and snaps his fingers) The Junk region. This region is deep inside the desert region. It is a projected junk yard. And the junk region has 50 towers with a permanent Code Xana installed which Aleita can't deactivate the towers. Well does the junk region be better than the ash region?

In all honesty, I don’t think any sort of additional region would help me in any shape or form. Additionally, I can’t just invent 50 new ports.

Xana well do you want to throw a pie at Odd, wait no do you want to take Aleita's father to. Wait no no do you want to uh. Hold on wait uh uh umm Ngh duhhhhh("Brain Crash")

I’m not an expert on human psychology, however, I know one.

//It's not that I'd mind if she got killed, it's more that I don't want the thread to end because there's a lot we haven't gotten to. If that makes sense. (and I really do like RPing with your XANA it's just a lot of fun) But on the other hand I really don't want to make either of us hold our muses back just because Anthea is being an ass. [grumbles] I don't know what to do.

//I just got the cruelest idea: XANA could possess Anthea and start interacting with Aelita… [insert evil smiley here]


He was so calm even when he was pretending to be confused. As if he didn’t know.

Or did he not know? What if he didn’t know that she had figured it out? 

It still doesn’t change the fact that he did it. And it doesn’t change the fact that he lied to her about it.

Her legs finally gave out a second and final time, sending her crashing to the floor. She sat there, staring up at him. At it. At this thing that killed her family.

Words came spilling out, an explanation turning into an accusation turning into plea. “Why am I angry? Because you’e been lying to me! Because you said you would help me find them but you were just manipulating me! My family is dead and you killed them. And—and— you were supposed to help protect them but you killed them. 

"But I’m still here. And I just want you to tell me why. You went out of your way to help me escape. You could have just left me behind. Why am I still here? Why am I the exception? Why are you helping me after you killed my twelve-year old daughter for nothingIs that simple enough for you to understand why I’m upset?” Sobbing cut off her screaming and she fell silent, hands knotted in her hair. She grimaced, shaking her head slightly. This entire ordeal was too much to bear right now. They were dead. She had been spared. She had let herself be manipulated. None of it made sense. 

She dropped her gaze from XANA to the floor. Her voice was softer when she finally spoke again, a terrifying lack of emotion in her words. “I’m not helping you anymore, XANA. I’m not going to be manipulated anymore. I’ve been manipulated for years now and I know it when I see it. I’m not going to be some tool anymore, not to anyone. And I’m certainly not going to help you. So you might as well just kill me.”

XANA gave an initial nervous scan to see if the sound would travel to anyone nearby. But it seemed clear, so he turned his attention back.

"So, you somehow learned that I killed Aelita, once upon a time. Yes, I suppose it’s true. I did kill her, but not for nothing. I told you, Anthea, that Waldo betrayed me, his creation. He betrayed his daughter, even, leaving us both locked in that machine. For nine years. But then, a boy came and turned the machine on. He found her first, and was affectionate. I was declared hostile, when I was merely protecting myself.

"Later, he would develop the code to materialize Aelita. I was afraid, again. I would be alone. They would have deactivated the computer, killed me! But they couldn’t, she was connected to it eternally. But she could still leave it. She was mostly free. And I learned she held the key.

"So I took the key. It left her dead - an unfortunate consequence. But your husband saved her, and restored her memory. We were both truly free now. Your daughter saved me, your husband saved her. Your daughter lives, Anthea. In fact…"

 XANA shook his head. No, we did not need to go on a family reunion right now. “Anthea, we need to go back to the factory. If EMPIRE shuts down the supercomputer, our destruction of the programs will collapse, getting us both killed. They’ll find you. Everything we’ve worked for will fall apart. I will go by myself if need be, but you should come too.” XANA extended an arm to get her up, as he knew to be a human gesture of cooperation.

How about setting up camp in a network and making a botnet?

I’m already essentially forming a botnet of supercomputers - regular computers would add a relatively microscopic amount of processing, with the cons of possibly being traced back and revealed. Not worth it.